Excalibur Construction, Inc. - A  Design / Build General Contractor,  building homes of distinction with perfection in every detail as one of Wyoming's premier home builders. We are a full service general contractor headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming providing over 30 years of construction experience with a hands on approach to general contracting.  

With over three decades of industry expertise, armed with a background in architecture and engineering, Excalibur is on the jobsite everyday to insure that the best home possible is constructed for our clients.  We present unique statements in home styles  in Sheridan County's most desirable communities. Designed and built by Excalibur Construction, our homes capture all the beauty and charm of mountain living. The elegance and attention to detail masterfully executed by Excalibur guides every element of design throughout your home, creating an aesthetic experience second to none in Wyoming.  In addition, Excalibur provides a variety of architectural details to make each home truly unique.  Time and money always assert their own limits, but in an Excalibur home, you can allow your imagination to run free without breaking the bank.

Continually meeting our own expectations for excellence is the most difficult part of our job; we are very demanding.  Clients have a lot of choices when they pick a general contractor to build their home.  It is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly; in fact, we take it personal.  The only project that matters to a home owner is their own, and rightfully so.  There are really no excuses for bad performance.  We don't tolerate subcontractors that show up with a list of excuses or cut corners. We have assembled a great sub-team of performers as a result of our philosophy.  A passionate commitment to high standards of performance is what makes us different and better. Sometimes it gets intense, but we truly strive to deliver results to customers beyond their expectations while providing the best value for their hard earned dollar.  A new home can be very stressful to the client if the project is not managed properly; we place an emphasis on solving issues and handling the unpleasant situations, so your new home can be filled with only happy memories.

We negotiate 90% of our jobs with clients based upon our expertise, reputation, and our friendships. We are all about service, so we look at the relationship, not the project. If the job is for an important relationship, and a customer wants us to do something tiny like moving a door or patching a wall, we will do it. If they want us to do a ten million dollar building the next month, we will do that too. Our job is to listen to customer's problems and challenges and provide solutions. If we don't have the immediate solution, we will find it.  Anyone can pound nails or stack bricks; however, if you can manage a difficult and challenging process for someone and they think highly enough of you when it's over to become a friend, then you have really done a great jobWe also enjoy taking part in Green Building, which we see as the future including solar and wind systems.

Whether you desire a Starter Home, an IRC Modular Home, a Luxury Home or just a Remodel; Excalibur has the expertise and an efficient cost conscience staff to fulfill your needs.  There are a lot of unqualified contractors in the market place providing inadequate bids, so we emphasize that our number may not always be the lowest—but it's the most complete.
                              EXCALIBUR .... IT MATTERS WHO BUILDS IT!
"Where a Home becomes more than just a shelter"
The Best Value for Your Money....Since 1979


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